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What's Pauper?

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What's Pauper?

Pauper is a 718 RuneScape private server striving to give the perfect balance between OSRS and RS3. This RSPS easily have over 1,000 hours of playable content for the community to enjoy. You will find yourself in need of many skills, and will find yourself needing to venture into the wilderness more often than expected. Not to mention the extra content we have to offer, such as the fairy ring and almost-complete RuneSpan (accessible after a quest), nearly perfect Nex who is un-soloable, Queen Black Dragon, six different quests, and plenty more unique content. Pauper is pure 718 RSPS, and we hope you'll find your home here with us!

  • Economy

This is where we take our pride. Pauper's economy is a very fair one, many things in the server have been edited and changed based around our economy. A few bits of content requires a quest to be completed before gaining access to it, resulting in rarity trees. No items are available for donation whatsoever, so any item you see in-game was earned by the community in some way or another. Due to the scarce resources available to the player, many items have value and will flow through the economy; which is basically all done through the Grand Exchange. Our Grand Exchange system allows any item under 250,000gp worth to be bought and sold freely based on trade value. However, this only applies to items that are not on the "limited item" list, which restricts the purchase of an item without another player buying/selling it. Due to this system, there are very few shops to browse through, and no general store. The general store is replaced with high alching your items.

  • Wilderness

The influence of wilderness is a large one in Pauper. Many features require 'Pauper Points' which can only be obtained through killing monsters located in the wilderness. On top of this, there are multiple quests that force the players into the wilderness, many essential NPCs for farming items to sell located in the wilderness, many wilderness skilling spots, and (oh yeah!) bosses. There are a few bosses, such as King Black Dragon and Corporeal Beast for example, that can only be found in the wilderness. If you'd like to gain access to Queen Black Dragon, you'll need to complete a quest that forces you into the wilderness. There's also a counter in the quest tab that shows how many players are located in the wilderness at any given time, so you'll always be updated on how many prey are lurking in your wilderness.

  • Skilling

The skilling in Pauper has been edited tremendously. We strive off an in-depth skill system, with many different ways to train most skills. With that being said, all skills you find in your skills tab are available to level up and train. Some being quite profitable, others being a little money-draining. However, every skill has a way to earn profit off of. That being said, every skill also has it's own way to lose money, too. The skills are in-depth in Pauper because of all the little things we've added to it. Whether that be from proper tree stumps to inferno adze burning logs on-cut for firemaking experience, from agility levels scaling your energy restoration rates to agility levels boosting your chance of a double-catch at fishing, our skills have been directly improved to give you that proper feeling. On top of this, most skills have many different ways to level them, so you'll get to decide how you spend your time.

  • Bossing

Pauper has many bosses for the player to choose from. However, not all of them are "readily available". What this means is, the player will need to make an accomplishment before being granted access to these bosses. For example, to enter the chambers of Bandos, the player will require 80 strength to push open the large door. A different category of such is that some bosses are only available through completing quests - like Queen Black Dragon. However, each of our bosses have been worked on tirelessly to give you a challenge that will be worth remembering. We'd also like to challenge our players to attempt at soloing the notorious Nex boss, which we've improved greatly. We can assure you - she is not solo-able!